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Texthouse writers specialise in creative marketing copy and editorial with a journalist’s flair for clarity, style and impact.

We write high quality SEO marketing content for print, web, and multimedia. This includes websites, case studies, blogs, brochures, audio and video scripts, interpretation, pitches, tenders, features - in short, any kind of business writing that needs a great eye for detail, and a great ear for story.

Our clients love our compelling search-friendly copy that engages their customers, and doesn’t sound like SEO. They love the fact that we speak fluent tech, sales and story, as well as award-winning English.

We love clients that appreciate warm, clear, effective communications. If that’s you...

What we offer

Business Writing

Every business needs to get its message out effectively. Reach customers and connect. Be found on the web.

We help businesses to do this with our powerful words. Whether you need brochures, websites, case studies, product descriptions, scripts or blogs, we’ll provide fresh, engaging written content that gets you noticed.

Our web writing prioritises fresh content, style and SEO, and we’re happy to work with your tech team to meet your SEO and Analytics needs.

We also provide SEO makeover, blog and content writing to revitalise your rankings. And we’ve made a deal-breaking difference to many a competitive tender.

As journalists and creative writers, we also have a few cracking techniques around news, story, and understanding the customer viewpoint.

Every business is different, but we bet you’re currently wrestling with at least one of these:
websites, print brochures, case studies, blogs, tenders, white papers, news & features, exhibitions or AV scripts.

If so, cut to the chase and get a fast, effective professional writer on your books. You’ll find us approachable, flexible, practical and bright. And we love a good writing and editing challenge.

What’s your project? Call us!

SEO Web Content

Your website content needs to do four things:

  • Sell your offering
  • Connect with your customers
  • Get across trust and quality
  • Help you to get found on the web.

Your written content works in tandem with your beautiful images, design and branding to do a great marketing job.

But even the most beautiful site needs to be found. That’s where our search-friendly SEO content can help.


SEO stands for 'search engine optimisation'. SEO content is specially written to boost your website's rankings by attracting search engine love.

That doesn't mean keyword stuffing and mysterious metrics designed only for bots. Modern search engines reward fresh, useful, original content that people want to find. Algorithms are trained by your site visitors' clicks and responses, as well as the attractiveness of the content, and technical performance.

So to help drive your business rankings in search engines, web content writers need strong SEO as well as writing skills.

We can help you with this in three ways:

  • Written SEO content – to launch your website on a strong footing
  • SEO and style makeovers – to boost your current content with keywords and marketing pizzazz
  • Blogging – to attract hungry bots with fresh, original content.

We can also work with your current site's Google Analytics and identify keywords to target.

Need some advice? Call us to get your project started. 

Business Case Studies

Case studies are a powerful marketing tool to bring your business story to life with a real example. A case study is more engaging, authentic and persuasive than a broad claim, and future customers can more easily identify with the client’s journey. This makes case studies especially valuable for complex services and B2B.

Case studies are tightly focused, allowing you to profile market segments, different services, and new offerings.
They’re also versatile, with many practical uses:

  • Print as leaflets
  • Email to prospects
  • Post on your website site
  • Promote on social media
  • Use as evidence for funding and referrals.

All in all, they’re a highly cost-effective way of reaching out to customers.

Do you need to

  • Showcase an award-winning project?
  • Produce a suite of examples for your sales team?
  • Ignite interest in a new product or service?

Texthouse writers are trained journalists and experienced interviewers, with a great ear for story. They’ll get the best from interviewing you or your client, and shape it into a compelling narrative, pulling in supporting evidence and quotes for a stylish, high-impact promotion.

Great design is vital, too, so if you need professional layout, we can help.

And it goes without saying that your case studies will include search-friendly SEO keywords for web rankings.

Want to get started? Call us and get the ball rolling!

Texthouse services

Our work

Meet the team

Texthouse is a writing and communications company based in Scotland. Our team are experienced journalists and copywriters for print and web, with special expertise in online content writing and search engine optimisation (SEO).

We’re creative all-rounders who between us cover a range of sector disciplines, and have a professional journalists’ ability to communicate complex topics clearly and effectively.

We work alongside other professional associates on websites and business marketing, content and editorial services, as well as creative one-offs, including scripts, lyrics and interpretation for museums and visitor attractions.


Ex BBC broadcast journalist with an MA in German and French from Oxford University and a background in news editorial and ad agency transcreation.

SEO, case studies, scripts,
transcreation from German.

Writing superpower
Getting inside customers’ heads.

Secretly also
A Fringe First-winning playwright.


Experienced newspaper and multimedia journalist with more than 30 years in news and advertising features, with a background as engineering technician for commercial properties.

Advertising features, SEO, multimedia, case studies, making technical subjects accessible.

Writing superpower
Hitting impossible deadlines.

Secretly also
A sports columnist and volleyball player. 


BA in Business from Napier University and over 20 years’ experience in the tourism sector as a visitor centre manager for Scottish Borders Council.

Tourism, hospitality, SEO, social media.

Writing superpower
Laser-sharp editing and proofreading.

Secretly also
A road cyclist and Border birder.

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Clients we’ve worked with

Aqualution Ltd
Border Timberguard
Borders College
Borders Environmental Education Service
Boyle Dental Technology
CEL Trading
Cindy's Tea
Cocoa Black
Countryside Kitchens
Crabtree & Crabtree
Craft Scotland
Creative Arts Business Network
Eildon Care Home
Eildon Housing 

Fleming Homes
Fluffy Moos
Fluid Cohesion Ltd
Foster Care Connect
Fraser James Partnership
Get Knotted
Gunsgreen House
Harestanes Countryside Visitor Centre
Heart of Hawick
Instinctively Wild
John Laing
Live Borders
Lomax Lang Ltd
Magnums & More
Mansfield Care Homes

Maplehurst Guest House
Marine Quest
Murray Hogarth Ltd
Neil & Co Solicitors
Scott & Charters Ltd
Scottish Borders Council Museums and Galleries
Scottish Borders Council Economic Development
SERPS Invaders
The Scarf Company
The Hayhoe Webb Partnership
Tricapital Ltd
Turnbull & Scott Ltd
Universal Fibre Optics Ltd

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