The Wife of Usher’s Well

The Wife of Usher’s Well was a Singspiel – play with songs – produced by Quondam Theatre. It’s based on the famous Border ballad about a woman black porn videos whose dead sons return from war for one last night. In this version, we had just one son (cutbacks), and several songs which were scored by the extraordinary Mr Iain Lowthian.

We had a fabulous cast of actor-musicians (Helen Longworth, Danny Kennedy, Andrew Whitehead, Ruth Tapp) on accordion, flute, fiddle, drums and cockerel, and beautiful voices all. A set and costumes designed by Sophia Lovell Smith with creative ingenuity and all the Tardis-like expansion you need for rural touring. And most excellent Stefan Escreet of celebrity nude Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake as dramaturg and director in his first production for Quondam.

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