What’s Your Story?

Thanks for passing by!

If you’ve found your way here, you’ve seen the Texthouse leaflet. Most likely, you’re wondering what our copywriting services can do for you and your business.

Here are the three main things:

1. Sell. Copywriting is a branch of sales. We tell your customers about your products or services in the most persuasive way possible, so that they come and buy.

2. Tell. Search engines are machines. They count words. They don’t understand gorgeous images, beautiful design and funky videos. You need the right words, or your site won’t be found.

3. Compel. Words aren’t a commodity, like a bottle of milk or a tank of petrol – pretty much the same wherever you go. They’re more like clothes. They reflect your company’s taste, style, image, care and above all quality.

If you want to seduce someone, you don’t wear a scruffy old jumper knitted by your gran, right? Yet  companies are quite happy to face their customers with poor grammar, misspelled words and home-made, tatty text. That’s some turn-off!

Do your business a favour. We want you to show up smart. In fact, we want you to sashay into the room and knock everyone’s socks off!

If you’re not bothered, we’re probably not a great fit for your company.

If you want to be your best, get in touch.


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* (scots) adj fiddly, time-wasting