editing & proofreading

editing & proofreading

Professional editing doesn’t just boost your written marketing – it can also power you way up the search engine rankings.

Your written web content is the first thing Google sees. It’s the main factor in your company’s search results, and yet it’s so often relegated to the back bench.

It also tells your customers all they need to know about your products. But it’s often an afterthought. Or worse – it’s full of errors that reflect badly on your company standards.

To be honest, we’d rather write your web copy from scratch. A spruce-up is no match for a brand new outfit.

But if you want a quick fix, Texthouse can give your website content a powerful makeover. We’ll sharpen you up, give you new sparkle, and tactfully remove anything that’s letting you down.

We’ll also inject plenty of SEO love to give you more impact on the web. We’ll use your own content management system if you want to save time, and insert meta descriptions, tags and keywords where they’re needed.

It goes without saying that we’re old-skool demon proofreaders for print, too. Or should that be ‘school’? See the Texthouse portfolio for some samples.


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