It all starts with you. What’s your business, and who are your customers? What do you want to tell them?

Texthouse has worked in sectors including tourism, retail, manufacturing, third and public sector, B2B and B2C, companies and organisations, big and small.

Whether you want to sell, inform, persuade, excite or inspire, we find the right tone and content to make a connection with your audience.

How? By using our imaginations, understanding your customers’ viewpoint, and writing fresh, engaging copy to the highest journalistic standards.

We’re happy to work as part of your marketing team, and often collaborate with designers, printers and marketing agencies.

Texthouse also offers text editing and localisation services to companies in the UK and Germany.

See our portfolio for a sample of what we do. And here’s a case study showing how our award-winning creative collaboration helped a local business increase sales by 51%

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* (Scots) adj squidgy, squirty, as in skooshy cream